Slaves in Soudshore

Session #1
Escaping the Ko'gol

The party awoke chained to their iron bars as usual, except they were not brought out and set to work by their orcish slavers as usual. They tore their iron bar from the wall, and lured in a guard by insulting his mother. They managed to kill the guard by working together and crushing his throat with the iron bar to which they were chained. They took his key and unlocked their manacles, as well as those of the other slaves, and began to explore to find their way out. They walked towards the gladatorial arena and after defeating the guards, equipped themselves with some proper weaponry and armour. They continued onwards through the arena to free more slaves, and then to the upper levels of the orcish complex. As they tried to stealthily move the slaves through the upper tunnels, they looted one of the Ko’gol storerooms, where they found their own equipment, as well as some other valuables. The party made clever use of an illusion to distract some orcs and goblins by giving them a vision of Gruumsh, and sneak the slaves past. They continued to sneak past a closed door, behind which they could hear barking from an unknown source. Eventually, they escaped the cave complex, leading the surviving slaves to the outside world on the northeastern side of the Airen Mountains.

XP earned: 160 each
Coins obtained: 17 gp, 20 cp
Items obtained:

  • 2 malachite (10 gp)
  • 1 obsidian (10 gp)
  • 1 rhodachrosite (10 gp)
  • 1x embroidered silk handkerchief (25 gp)
  • 1 ounce block made from unknown material
  • a vest with 100 tiny pockets
  • a night cap
  • a sliver spoon with an M engraved on the handle
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